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KT12-04   12" Taper Candle Pair - Navy
KT12-06   12" Taper Candle Pair - Purple
KT12-02   12" Taper Candle Pair - Red
KT12-03   12" Taper Candle Pair - Rose
R3-S06   Balance - Essential Aromatherapy Pillar Candle
KV4-S06   Balance - Essential Aromatherapy Votive Candles (4-Pack)
VOT-S06   Balance - Essential Aromatherapy Votive Candles (4-Pack)
R3-01   Bamboo Pillar Candle
VOT-01   Bamboo Votive Candles (4-Pack)
R3-N05   Bear Luminary: Motherhood
R3-02   Black Currant Pillar Candle
VOT-02   Black Currant Votive Candles (4-Pack)
R3-S04   Breathe - Essential Aromatherapy Pillar Candle
VOT-S04   Breathe - Essential Aromatherapy Votive Candles (4-Pack)
R3-C6   Brow (Third-Eye) Chakra / Indigo Meditation Pillar Candle
VOT-C6   Brow (Third-Eye) Chakra / Indigo Votive Candles (4-Pack)
R3-N04   Buffalo Skull Luminary: Strength
R3-N01   Cactus Luminary: Endurance
R3-S01   Calm - Essential Aromatherapy Pillar Candle
VOT-S01   Calm - Essential Aromatherapy Votive Candles (4-Pack)
Color-1   Color Option #1 - Red VegeSoy Candle
Color-10   Color Option #10 - Hunter Green VegeSoy Candle
Color-11   Color Option #11 - Forest Green VegeSoy Candle
Color-12   Color Option #12 - Lime Green VegeSoy Candle
Color-13   Color Option #13 - Ultramarine VegeSoy Candle
Color-14   Color Option #14 - Sea foam Green VegeSoy Candle
Color-15   Color Option #15 - Teal VegeSoy Candle
Color-16   Color Option #16 - Royal Blue VegeSoy Candle
Color-17   Color Option #17 - Cobalt Blue VegeSoy Candle
Color-18   Color Option #18 - Navy Blue VegeSoy Candle
Color-19   Color Option #19 - Lavender VegeSoy Candle
Color-2   Color Option #2 - Pink VegeSoy Candle
Color-20   Color Option #20 - Purple VegeSoy Candle
Color-21   Color Option #21 - Grape VegeSoy Candle
Color-22   Color Option #22 - Brown VegeSoy Candle
Color-23   Color Option #23 - Mocha VegeSoy Candle
Color-24   Color Option #24 - Caramel VegeSoy Candle
Color-25   Color Option #25 - Charcoal VegeSoy Candle
Color-3   Color Option #3 - Magenta VegeSoy Candle
Color-4   Color Option #4 - Raspberry VegeSoy Candle
Color-5   Color Option #5 - Burgundy VegeSoy Candle
Color-6   Color Option #6 - Orange VegeSoy Candle
Color-7   Color Option #7 - Pumpkin VegeSoy Candle
Color-8   Color Option #8 - Sunflower VegeSoy Candle
Color-9   Color Option #9 - Canary VegeSoy Candle
R3-C7   Crown Chakra / Violet Meditation Pillar Candle
VOT-C7   Crown Chakra / Violet Votive Candles (4-Pack)
LOGO-R35   Custom Logo Promotional Candle - 3x5" Pillar
LOGO-V02   Custom Logo Promotional Candle - Poured Votive
R3-S03   Delight - Essential Aromatherapy Pillar Candle
VOT-S03   Delight - Essential Aromatherapy Votive Candles (4-Pack)
R3-03   Dream Pillar Candle
VOT-03   Dream Votive Candles (4-Pack)
R3-H6   Egg Nog Pillar Candle
R3-N08   End of the Trail Luminary: Perseverance
R3-04   Gardenia Pillar Candle
VOT-04   Gardenia Votive Candles (4-Pack)
R3-N02   Gecko Luminary: Enlightenment
R3-H8   Gingerbread Pillar Candle
R3-C4   Heart Chakra / Green Meditation Pillar Candle
VOT-C4   Heart Chakra / Green Votive Candles (4-Pack)
R3-05   Irish Mocha Pillar Candle
VOT-05   Irish Mocha Votive Candles (4-Pack)
R3-N06   Kokopelli Luminary: Fertility
R3-06   Mountain Mist Pillar Candle
VOT-06   Mountain Mist Votive Candles (4-Pack)
R3-C0   Nag Champa Meditation Pillar Candle
VOT-C0   Nag Champa Votive Candles (4-Pack)
R3-N03   Native Sun Luminary: Life Force
KR46MS   Natura Lights Classic Luminary - 4x6 Storm
Color-0   Natural Color VegeSoy Candle
VOT-09   Papaya Punch Votive Candles (4-Pack)
R3-08   Paradise Island Pillar Candle
VOT-08   Paradise Island Votive Candles (4-Pack)
R3-R1   Pink Ribbon Luminary
R3-S05   Relax - Essential Aromatherapy Pillar Candle
KV4-S05   Relax - Essential Aromatherapy Votive Candles (4-Pack)
VOT-S05   Relax - Essential Aromatherapy Votive Candles (4-Pack)
R3-S02   Romance - Essential Aromatherapy Pillar Candle
VOT-S02   Romance - Essential Aromatherapy Votive Candles (4-Pack)
R3-C1   Root Chakra / Red Meditation Pillar Candle
VOT-C1   Root Chakra / Red Votive Candles (4-Pack)
R3-C2   Sacral Chakra / Orange Meditation Pillar Candle
VOT-C2   Sacral Chakra / Orange Votive Candles (4-Pack)
R3-C3   Solar Plexus Chakra / Yellow Meditation Pillar Candle
VOT-C3   Solar Plexus Chakra / Yellow Votive Candles (4-Pack)
R3-10   Storm Pillar Candle
VOT-10   Storm Votive Candles (4-Pack)
R3-C5   Throat Chakra / Blue Meditation Pillar Candle
VOT-C5   Throat Chakra / Blue Votive Candles (4-Pack)
R3-N07   Thunderbird Luminary: Power
R3-11   Vanilla Cream Pillar Candle
VOT-11   Vanilla Cream Votive Candles (4-Pack)
R3-12   Western Red Cedar Pillar Candle
VOT-12   Western Red Cedar Votive Candles (4-Pack)

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