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The VegeSoy Difference

Experience candles made from 100% natural VegeSoy wax. A specially formulated blend of US grown soy and vegetable waxes, VegeSoy burns clean and about 40% longer than traditional paraffin candles. Combined with only the highest quality fragrances and therapeutic essential oils, Natura Lights are the healthier alternative for candle connoisseurs everywhere!
Unknown to many, paraffin (petroleum based) candles emit eleven (11) toxins, two (2) known human carcinogens, soot and toxins into your environment. VegeSoy is a renewable energy source completely derived from natural plant waxes. VegeSoy wax not only burns without soot or harmful toxins, it also cleans up with soap and water.
As the original healthy candle company, Natura Lights is committed to environmentally conscious practices in all aspects of the manufacturing and distribution process. Focused on sustainability, all materials and packaging are 100% recyclable and made with at least 50% post-consumer recycled content.
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