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Burning Instructions and other Useful Information
Welcome to the world of natural candles! Not only are these candles 100 percent pure and natural, they last 40 percent longer than their dangerous paraffin counterparts! Here are some tips on how to make sure you get every possible minute of burn time out of your natural candle investment.
Each candle has its own personality, so there's no exact science regarding how long one must burn a candle before extinguishing it...but we have established some safe guidelines.
Do not expose natural pillar candles to external heat sources such as natural sunlight through a window, the stove, a fireplace, or any other source of sustained heat. The heat could weaken the side of the candle leading to uneven or diminished burn quality.
  • Although natural candle technology is advancing, we still do not use artificial color stabilizers / UV inhibitors. Blues and greens are the hardest to keep true. If you expose any style of natural candle to sunlight, you might experience color variations. Most of them are quite stunning, and can be evenly affected by rotating the candle to the sunlight...but if you like your candle the color it is when you get it from us, keep it out of direct and significant indirect sunlight.
  • If you do see smoke or soot from your natural wax candle(s)...
    • Trim the wick (not too short) 1/8" to 1/4" is fine.
    • Do not burn your candle under a ceiling fan or in a draft.
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Container candles
These natural wax candles are designed to burn for extended periods of time. If you burn container candles any less than the recommended guidelines below, you may not get the full burn time out of the candle.
Container candles are perfect choices for households with lots of traffic, small children, pets, etc. These candles are perfect for those individuals who like to burn their candles for more than three (3) hours at a time, and can burn safely all day long. Just remember to trim the wick!
Keys to burning container candles:
  • Never extinguish a container candle before the melted pool of wax reaches the glass all the way around (and preferably the melted portion of wax should be 1/4 to 1/2 inches deep).
  • Never burn a container candle in a draft or on an uneven surface - these conditions will cause your container candle to burn unevenly and leave unused wax coating one side of the container.
  • Do NOT place a warm container candle on a cold surface - the hot wax may cause the glass to break when it comes into contact with a cold surface.
    • It's ok to place a container candle on a cold surface if the candle is unlit. As the candle burns, the surface heats up with the candle - reducing the chance of breakage to the glass container due to rapid temperature changes.
  • Natural waxes do NOT smoke or soot. If you see some blackness, it means the wick is too long, just extinguish and trim.
Pillar candles
Pillar candles have all the romantic allure a candle should. But, this style of candle requires an attentive eye. Natural wax candles "tunnel" (they are engineered to do this), which means that as they burn, they use the wax closest to the wick. When you blow out a natural wax candle, it will tunnel down to the next level when you relight it. Make sure that you burn your pillar just the right amount of time each time you light it to avoid wasting wax.
Keys to burning pillar candles:
  • Never extinguish a pillar candle before the melted pool of wax reaches close to the outside of the candle all the way around.
  • Never burn a pillar candle in a draft or on an uneven surface. These conditions will cause your pillar candle to burn unevenly and leave excessive unused wax around the sides.
  • The most important burn is the first burn. Please make sure to adhere to the following on the first burn, as this will ensure that your candle will burn properly every time you light it.
  • Do NOT burn your pillar candle more than the recommended time. The rule of thumb is to burn your pillar candle one (1) hour for each inch of circumference at a time.
    • If your pillar candle is 3 inches in diameter (most are), then you would burn that candle for approximately three (3) hours at a time.
    • If your candle needs to burn longer than the prescribed three (3) hours to reach 1/4" from the edge, put a timer on fifteen (15) minute increments (once it passes the three hour mark) and check your candle regularly.
    • As soon as the melted wax pool is close to the edge (you may start to see slightly transparent spots or darkening) - blow it out and let it cool immediately!
  • If you burn your candle too long, it may develop holes in the side. Don't panic if this happens, it can always be repaired, as outlined below...but it's always better not to let them occur.
Repairing a Natura Lights Candle:
  • Simply let the spilled wax cool and pick it up. You can re-melt the remnants into the candle, or use them in a variety of fragrant and economical ways!
  • Tape up the hole on the side of the pillar candle where the spill occurred with clean release tape or masking tape.
  • Light the candle and let enough wax melt to fill the holes of the candle, and extinguish the flame.
  • Tip the candle on its side, so that the melted wax fills the hole(s), and allow to cool.
  • Once the candle cools, remove the tape, and your candle looks as good as new, and is ready to be burned again. Be sure to trim the wick before re-lighting!
Votives - 20 hours and counting! These candles are made to liquify. As you burn a votive, you will notice that the melting wax will conform to whatever shape the container is that you put the candle in. In order to get the full 20 hours out of your investment, always place your votive into a cup or container that is slightly larger than the votive.
The keys to burning Votive Candles:
  • Always burn a votive candle in a votive holder.
  • Always remove all stickers and any paper before burning.
  • Never burn a votive candle in a draft or on an uneven surface. These conditions will cause your container candle to burn unevenly and leave unused wax coating one side of the container.
  • Do NOT place a hot votive candle on a cold surface. The hot wax may cause the glass to break when it comes into contact with a cold surface.
  • Natural waxes do NOT smoke or soot - so if you see some blackness, it means the wick is too long, trim it up and you should see no more smoke!
Back to Top Tealights Tealights are pretty simple, really. Our natural tealights last about five (5) to five and one half (5 1/2) hours each, and are completely self-contained. Simply light the tealight(s). When the wax is fully used, and they will extinguish themselves. Please remember to recycle the little cup that's left.
  • Do not light tealights near flammable materials.
  • Although they will float in calm water, these candles were not designed for that use and you should be cautious when using them in this fashion.
  • Burn tealights on an even surface out of drafts and direct sunlight. Don't bump the tealights while the melted wax is still liquid as this may cause minor spilling.
Tapers Tapers are a snap, and burn about 1" per hour and are virtually dripless. Make sure they fit snuggly into the holder you have selected. Putty or tape can be used to make the fit more secure. Once you're sure your taper candles are standing straight, you are ready to enjoy them. Extinguish and dispose of before they reach the end! Leave only as much candle unburned as you are comfortable with. You will have to grasp the candle itself to remove it from the holder.
  • Do not light tapers near flammable materials (silk plants, material, etc.)
  • Do not burn your candles in a draft or breezy area
  • Avoid external heat sources around your candles.
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