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Scent Categories

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Often called fresh & fruity, citrus scents are those like lemon, orange, grapefruit, and tangerine, verbena, lemon thyme, lemongrass, orange mint, and citronella (an oil which is extracted from a certain grass, has a perky, aromatic citrus fragrance and commonly used to repel insects).
Bergamot (one of our personal favorites) has notes of pepper, but is better known for the refreshingly sharp & dry distinctiveness - a calling card for citrus fragrances. Bergamot is also used to flavor many European delicacies.
Citrus scents evaporate faster than other scents (that's why they have a cooling effect when applied topically), so they are a great choice for candles scents when used alone or for blending with florals, herbals, mints, spices, and other fruit blends.
Citrus is great for clarifying the mind, energizing the senses, and a great choice if anyone in your home or office is adverse to heavier scents.

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Very popular, this category is home to beloved "flower fragrances" like rose, ylang ylang, jasmine, gardenia, neroli (orange) blossom, lilac, honeysuckle, violet, lily, and more. Florals are popular for their scent, but among candle manufacturers, florals are the "go with everything"'s hard to go wrong with florals.
Four little words for you here...make your mouth water! Delicious & juicy, nature's candy is captured in this category of scents. Pick from peach and apricot, pomegranate, pear, blueberries, melons, currants, pineapple, coconut, apples, blackberries, plums, juniper berries and strawberries. Like citrus, these scents are wonderful top notes to any candle fragrance, and go well with florals, woods, spices and mints.
Botanicals & Grasses
A hint of sweetness, these delicate and fragile scents are light and dry. You can use botanically scented candles liberally with herbals, florals or fruits with outstanding results. A candle with grassy notes is PERFECT for a fragrance-sensitive friend or loved one.
When more is less...this is your best bet. Grass scents are those like Zoysia and sweetgrass.
Aromatic and earthy, these sharp and sometimes pungent scents are the most effective and well known for aromatherapy. The most popular essential oils (patchouli, lavender, sandalwood, etc.) are featured in many of our candles. House favorites include various sages and vetiver.
As you might expect, herbs go great with candles like mosses & saps, florals, and yes...even fruits.
A decidedly green group - some of the best candles are scented with one or more of these fragrances: evergreens, mints, menthols and camphors. The scents can be described as natural, breezy & refreshing, "outdoorsy" and fresh.
It takes a true master frangrancer to blend these precious oils into the candles so they don't overpower the other, more delicate fragrances. Examples of fragrances in this category are wintergreens. camphors, peppermint, eucalyptus, pine, fir, cedar, spruce and spearmint. (Think of what chewing a piece of minty gum is like - that's a really good way to understand this classification group). Scent types from this category mix well with citrus, spicy, and floral.
Also, pick candles in this category for wonderful holiday scent medleys in your home.
You are probably shocked to find that we have candle scents from this category. We do - and they're wonderful. Dry, slightly sweet and low mellow tones mark this family of scents as distinct. Oak moss is sweet, while iceland moss is sublimely natural.
Also try frankincense, myrrh, and verbena. The best part about this category - the candles will mix well with and enhance any other scent.
Spices are used for cooking, right? Everyone knows that - but did you know that spices make wonderful candle scents as well? Not only are spices beautiful to look at (they come in array of textures and colors), but they smell is heavenly, too.
Favorites are allspice, cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, nutmeg, and really any other spice you cook with.
Spices blend well with citrus and woods, saps and root fragrances.
Fragrant woods and barks make up this most interesting category. Cedar, mesquite and pine are well known trees - but don't forget balsam and pecan. We know it's hard to find high quality candles in these scents, but you can find them included in the Terra collection.
Scents Our last category is a hybrid category. Baking scents cover any scent that smells like food being baked.
Borrowing heavily from the Spices category - we have vanilla, honey, cinnamon, maple, creams and more. If you can cook it - we can probably find a candle that smells like it.
Most people think that by smelling a baking scented candle, your hunger will increase. This is not the case! Don't deprive yourself of delicious candles - burn them when company is coming over and you want to enhance the smell of the dinner you're making, or even better, place them on the dinner or buffet table during dessert to add a nice aroma to the air.